2014 – Quarterly Events

2014 – 11     Answering The Job Seekers Questions – Joan Lloyd

Joan Lloyd  “Answering The Job Seekers Questions”.  Since 1990, Joan Lloyd has grown her reputation as an executive coach, organizational and leadership strategist. Her syndicated newspaper column, Joan Lloyd at Work, has appeared weekly since 1982, reaching millions of readers. Her objective, down-to-earth advice puts her in the unique position of having credibility with both management and staff.

2014 – 06     LinkedIn – Wayne Breitbarth

LinkedIn guru Wayne Breitbarth shares his passion for LinkedIn and discusses how job seekers can use its power to successfully land a great job.
Attendees will learn:
How to use LinkedIn to be more effective in your job search
What proactive steps you should be taking every day on LinkedIn
Why LinkedIn is the #1 Social Media site for recruiters, employers…and  you, the job seeker.

2014 – 04     Red Pen Resume Review

We have assembled a team of HR and recruiting experts to allow you to get multiple points of view and feedback on your resume.

How can I make my resume stand out from the rest?
What format do HR staff and recruiters prefer, fonts, text size, white space?
How many words should it be, what should I title the document?
How many years should I include, how many pages should it be?
How should I customize it for computer scanning to get a human to look at it?
Do I really need to do a cover letter?