2021 – Quarterly Events

2021 – 11 Don’t Be A Faceless Resume – Are You LinkedIn?

2021 – 01 Recalibrating in 2021

2021 Hiring, Industry and Workforce Trends
A recent hire during COVID himself, Dave Gromacki will share:
* SE WI Employment Trends from MRA’s country-wide data and employer surveys
* How the pandemic impacts HR, hiring and employee wellness
* How best to navigate virtual interviewing, remote work and on boarding
Dave Gromacki

Break Through Prospecting for new employers and connections
David Splitgerber, Career Ownership Coach franchise owner with The Entrepreneur’s Source and advisor to 40Plus, PONG and other job seeker support groups, will teach
job seekers how to:
* Research companies past their marketing spin
* Connect with people at prospective companies for insider intel
* Get prospects to take your call, answer your email/InMail
David Splitgerber

2021 – 05 Market Yourself! A Job Seekers Secret Weapon

In a job search? Here’s a news flash: You are now the CEO of You, Inc., and are in control of marketing. But what exactly is that brand? Join Pat Miller “The Idea Coach” as he guides you through the process of finding your focus so that you can build a brand that truly represents who you are.

* Define what success looks like for you, and market to your goal: Pat will help you learn how to turn strengths into marketable differentiators, and once defined, use them to lead you to the career that is the perfect fit.

* Identifying organizations that need what you have to offer: Just as a company targets prospects to sell their wares, you too need to identify organizations that would be a good match for your skills. Once identified, learn how to put a plan together to successfully market yourself to them.

* Turning your assets into a brand: Whether you call it your Brand, Your Elevator Pitch, Your Value Proposition or something else, your message must be consistent to be recognizable.

Pat Miller is “The Idea Coach” His focus is among other skills, big picture thinking and marketing strategy. After a long career in broadcasting, he now helps Small Business Owners grow, fix and celebrate their work with the Idea Collective Community and the Pat Miller Show. Learn more about Pat at patmillerideacoach.com .