2019 – Quarterly Events

2019 – 10 SpeakEasy… Jobseekers, take the fear out of networking and amp up your job search!

Formal Networking
* Using your elevator pitch effectively to break the ice.
* Jumping into the pool; how to overcome your fears.

Random Encounter
* Letting neighbors, friends and others know about your search.
* The power of a business card.

One-on-One Meeting
* How to set up a networking meeting. What to say, how to say it – tips, tricks and scripts.
* Create follow-up strategies – it’s not just a courtesy to say thank you.

Past Associate
* Harnessing the power of your past work associates to help you.

2019 – 06 Red Pen Resume Review

How can I make my resume stand out from the rest?
What format do HR staff and recruiters prefer, fonts, text size, white space?
How many words should it be, what should I title the document?
How many years should I include, how many pages should it be?
How should I customize it for computer scanning to get a human to look at it?
Do I really need to do a cover letter?

We have assembled a team of HR and recruiting experts to allow you to get multiple points of view and feedback on your resume. Bring at least five (5) printed copies of your resume and receive various viewpoints, asking questions one-on-one with our assembled resume reviewers.

2019 – 04 LinkedIN for the Job Seeker

During this workshop, Wayne will teach you:
* How to use LinkedIn to be more effective in your job search
* Discover what proactive steps you should be taking on LinkedIn every day
* See why LinkedIn is the #1 social media site for recruiters, employers and YOU, the job seeker
* Set yourself apart from the LinkedIn masses
* Get people to immediately engage with you after they see your profile
Wayne Breitbarth

2019 – 01 The job search adventure – WHEN to use the map and when to put it aSIDE

I.T.S B.A.C.O.N. S.A.M.
The job search map. Knowing what to do in the job search 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on can be hard for someone suddenly searching for a next career. Brent has coalesced these steps around an eye-catching acronym. Learn what is at the core of his message and get your 2019 search off to the right start from a technique Brent has taught to 100’s of job seekers.
Interview with Brent Wenzel Co-Leader of the 40PLUS Sat. Job Seeker Meeting

Put Job Title and Duties Aside. What Do You Really Want to Do?
Toss the map to the side and allow yourself a little adventure. Scan the landscape of your life. What experiences are the peaks and the valleys? Listen to the stories of people who allowed a little adventure in their job search and how it became a turning point
40PLUS Board Members

Stop, Look, Listen and Write Your Own Map
A career is an individual’s “journey” through learning, work and other aspects of life. Engage in a facilitated interview to answer questions which will help you discover where you want to take your career.
Facilitated Interviews