2017 – Quarterly Events

2017 – 10 Who are you? WHATCHA GOT?

StrengthsFinder – What is this and how can it help me?
Be brave, go on a journey of self-awareness that will help you Discover What Makes You Stand Out. Reinvigorate your senses so you really know what you get excited about… what you’re good at. These things matter and understanding them can help you use your Strengths in the Job Search.
Jackie Timm: Head of Business Ops., Thomson Reuters; Certified Strengths Coach

Have You Determined Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Core Values?
Have you ever done a personal SWOT Analysis? If not, how can you sell yourself to that next employer? Learn about tools to help in that discovery process, how to identify facets of your personal info to help you make better career choices and discover internet resources to help you make better career plans.
Nancy Cechvala LPC, GCDF: Employment and Training Career Counselor, DWD Bureau of Job Service

Whatcha Got? Put Into Practice What You Learned
Participate in small group facilitated discussions about what you learned in the sessions above and develop action plans and steps to put these things into practice to recharge your job search. Engage in interactive discussions to help you use these tools to strengthen your value statement.
Discussions led by 40PLUS Board Members and Group Leaders

2017 – 06 Personal Branding – An Interactive Workshop

Creating Your Brand
Everyone has a brand. Personal branding is the skill of marketing yourself and your career as a brand. Success comes from self-packaging, self-branding. Learn how to build on your strengths and use this key information to create your brand and use it to “sell” yourself to your next job.
Dave Koskinen – National Account Mgr – General Films, Inc – 40Plus Board Member

Your 30-Sec Elevator Pitch: It’s YOUR Brand
[Create & Present Yours in a Small Group Setting]
Your elevator speech is a clear, brief message, a “commercial” about you. It defines your brand. It communicates who you are, what you’re looking for and how you can benefit a company. Learn the fine points of how to create a clear concise infomercial [brand] that makes someone want to know more about YOU. Create that essential marketing piece about yourself and get instant feedback that can help you hone in on the best way to present yourself to that next potential employer.
40Plus Board Members and Small Group Leaders

2017 – 04 Red Pen Resume Review

How can I make my resume stand out from the rest?
What format do HR staff and recruiters prefer, fonts, text size, white space?
How many words should it be, what should I title the document?
How many years should I include, how many pages should it be?
How should I customize it for computer scanning to get a human to look at it?
Do I really need to do a cover letter?

We have assembled a team of HR and recruiting experts to allow you to get multiple points of view and feedback on your resume. Bring at least five (5) printed copies of your resume and receive various viewpoints, asking questions one-on-one with our assembled resume reviewers.