2018 – Quarterly Events

2018 – 01 Making casual conversation: What is the worst that can happen ?

Using LinkedIn To Create Conversations To Land Your Next Position
It is essential for people in career transition to properly leverage LinkedIn to identify job opportunities before they go public. This presentation will teach you what you need to know and what to do to position yourself to find these hidden job opportunities.
Gerald Duran, CEO &Founder, Business Acceleration & Venture Capital, RPM, Strategic, LLC & Cana MKE Entrepreneurial Accelerator

Fearless Conversation, Go from Nervous to Networking in Minutes
Starting a conversation with a stranger is just like dancing. When you start you’re kind of stiff, at times it gets awkward. But when the song ends you are glad you got out there.This interactive presentation will teach you how to put your awkward feelings and fears on the back burner so you can create a great conversation that will lead to opportunities you never thought possible. Dancing not included
Jake Nawrocki, Best-selling author, speaker and founder Operation Self Reset

Diarrhea of the Mouth – A Disease Fatal to the Job seeker
Some job seekers don’t know when to stop talking, in the interview, in a networking interchange or even in a casual conversation. Our speaker has for more than 8 years been the Moderator of the Thursday meeting of 40Plus. He is famous for requiring job seekers to describe themselves in 10 words or less.
Rich Longabaugh, Moderator 40PLUS Thursday Group